Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Environmentality 24 September 2014, Emily Braham, Editor at Sanctuary Magazine

August Edition of Sanctuary Magazine
If you’ve got even an inkling towards living a more sustainable existence, I bet you’ve thought about building your own sustainable house or at least tried to think of ways to modify your existing  house to incorporate passive solar design, use of low embodied energy materials, energy efficient EVERYTHING, renewable energy, the list goes on. Fortunately for you, the AlternativeTechnology Association (ATA) who among other things publish Sanctuary Magazine which is packed full of articles on sustainable building design and green homes.

This week on the show we had a chat to Emily Braham, the editor of Sanctuary about the current (August) edition of the magazine. We discussed the use of bamboo as a building material, green walls on a high rise in Sydney and how you can create your own at home, sustainable paving ideas, a typical mid 20th century Brunswick brick suburban home transformed into a sustainable living oasis through clever design to name a few of our topics. Sound like your cup of tea? The magazine is published quarterly and links to purchase can be found on the Sanctuary and ATA websites AND if you listen to the podcast you’ll hear about the special subscription deal offered by Emily and get the special redemption code needed.

In other related news Australia leads global green star revolution. Australia’s Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is certifying more and more buildings (commercial) every year and say’s return on investment (ROI) and rental premiums as well as low rental vacancies are delivering good value to those going green. The benefits don’t stop at financials either, people feel better when occupying these spaces which leads to higher productivity, better staff retention and more creativity. And we haven’t even mentioned the benefits to the environment!

Until next week, get inspired, go and make your home (or business) a little more sustainable this week, you never know, maybe one day your efforts will end up on the cover of Sanctuary Magazine.
On next week's show we have Friends of the Earth, Megan Williams discussing renewable energy technologies. Tune in live to 98.9 North West FM or download the Tunein or North West FM app and search for us on there!

This week’s music selection:
Hundreds of Ways by Conor Oberst 
Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
The Best Person I know by Cat's Eyes
Imagine by John Lennon
Say Something by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

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