Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Environmentality 1 October 2014, Megan Williams & Emily Gayfer, Friends of the Earth volunteers and Yes2Renewables campaigners

Do you support good air quality, a strong manufacturing and technology industry, phasing out fossil fuel energy generation, jobs and investment in Victoria, reducing peak energy demand and associated costs, climate change solutions, energy security? Then say Yes2Renewables!

Megan Williams and Emily Gayfer, volunteers with Friends of the Earth and the Yes2Renewables campaign spoke with us today about the campaign, national and state renewable energy policy and a study they are currently undertaking looking into the impacts on employment opportunities if the suggested changes to the RET come into effect.
The Yes2Renewables campaign is run by the volunteers at Friends of the Earth (Melbourne) and is pushing for more favourable renewable energy policy to come out of the coming state election. Two of the primary objectives of the campaign are to reinstate the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) and removal of the current anti-wind farm laws. The current state Government (and federal Government for that matter) seems intent on stunting growth in the renewables sector and instead are fostering their out-dated interests in fossil fuels. Let's not forget that the burning, mining and export of coal has been a major factor in Australia's prosperity in the last 50 years or so, however it's time to move on. The technology is here, the community demand is loud and clear and hey, even the economic benefit is now waving it's hand and perhaps the biggest motivator which often gets lost is the environmental benefit. We can no longer claim ignorance on the environmental damage that burning fossil fuel brings with all the evidence now presented so let's all spread the word and get some action from our governments. Listen to the show here to hear some great discussion on all this and more.

We also got the goss on a rockin’ fundraiser for Yes2Renewables “ROCK 4 RENEWABLES” this Sunday 5th October at The Gasometer Hotel. Plenty of bands lined up already so get on board if you want to get renewable energy on the election agenda or even if you’re just in the mood for some live music!
On the note of fundraising, I would like to say that we have had the privilege of speaking with many employees and volunteers alike who do great work for not-for-profit organisations. These organisations rely on generous donations from people like you and I so why not pick and cause go for it.

A few useful links from this week’s show:
Candidates Forum: ‘we’re in the business of growingrenewable energy’ say Vic Labor – Yes2Renewables
China shows there’s more to renewable energy than fightingclimate change – The Conversation
Victorian Greens will today unveil a policy to reinstate theRET – Weekly Times Now
How does the Renewable Energy Target affect your powerbills? – The Conversation

On next weeks’ show we have Simon O’Connor, CEO of Responsible Investment Association Australia. Tune in live to 98.9 North West FM or download the Tunein or North West FM app and search for us on there!
This week’s music selection:
Gorecki by Lamb
Joga by Bjork
Padlock and Chain (Peabody Coal) by The Lurkers
James by Pat Metheny
Me At The Museum, You At The Wintergardens by Tiny Ruins

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