Thursday, October 23, 2014

Environmentality 22 October 2014, Jane Garrett, Labor member for Brunswick & Colleen Hartland, Greens member for Western Metropolitan

As we ramp up to the State election on the 29th November, we are going to start hearing and reading a whole heap in the media,  a lot of promises, argumentative debate back and forth, he said she said, policy releases…you know, all the normal stuff. That’s why it is great to have a chat one on one with some of the local members and candidates to find out a little bit about who they are and what they stand for without too much of the official politics involved.

This week on Environmentality we were fortunate enough to have Jane Garrett and Colleen Hartland generously donate some of their time to us and all our listeners. We spoke separately with each for around 20 minutes and covered some interesting and topical issues such as Victorian (anti)wind-farm laws and the east-west link. If you missed the show, you can listen here to find out what our guests had to say.
Jane Garrett is a member of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), the current member for Brunswick (lower house) and is running as a candidate for the 2014 state election. Colleen Hartland is a member of the Australian Greens, current member for Western Metropolitan (upper house) and is running as a candidate for the 2014 election. We wish them both all the best.

If you are feeling a bit left out of the political loop or just want to get a better grip of the environmental issues of importance facing Victoria at present you'll find some useful links below. Please feel free to add your own links or provide any comment!
The ABC website has a full list of electorates and candidates as well as some interesting tools like a calculator to predict who will win and a breakdown of the key seats.

Check out the Environment Victoria website for a thorough look through the environmental problems, the solutions, the actions as well as the providing a top 10 priority list for environmental policies for Victoria.
Vic Labor flags state-based renewable target if Fed folds – With clear environmental and financial benefits of renewable energy investment including more jobs, it looks like parties with pro-renewables position are going to have an electoral advantage. Victoria’s current lack of government led support for renewables is at odds with the 71% of Victorians who support state government policies that encourage renewables.

The East West Link…what can we say here…Just do a search on this topic and you will find many aspects of this issue hotly under debate. Just to name a few, there is the secrecy surrounding the business case and it’s non-disclosure, huge spending on a road rather than public transport, environmental impacts of construction as well as encouraging more cars, trucks and air pollution and emissions that come with it, compulsory acquisition of housing to construct, waiting 3 years then cannot wait another 8 weeks until after election to sign the deal, a undisclosed cancellation amount ($$) written into the contracts in case the opposition form government and can the project. From an environmental point of view, this project will be a disaster and another clear example of government being blind to the social, environmental and economic benefits of steering away from road infrastructure in favour of public transport.
Next week on the show Dr Stephen Bygrave, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions will be coming in to the studio to have a chat with us about the work of the organisation, we are super excited for this one. Check out their website before the show to get an idea of the kind of innovative, inspirational, ground-breaking work and reports they are delivering to the public and Government.
Music tracks from this week:
Rip Rip Woodchip by John Williamson
Geronimo by Sheppard
From Little Things Big Things Grow by Paul Kelly

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