Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Environmentality 15 October 2014, Jodi Jackson, My Everyday Garden
This week on My Everyday Garden, Jodi shared her wisdom on seed saving your winter crops, how to best use your worm juice or weed tea for growing seedlings and what to plant in your garden to bring bees and biodiversity. AND as always, we covered and discovered many more interesting topics along the way thanks to our regular tangents and digression, oops. Listen to the podcast to catch up with what Jodi had to share.
One of the things from the show I wanted to pick up here was the discussion around the Spanish Ramallet tomatoes. Tomàtiga de Ramellet are from the Mallorca region and have a thicker skin and a pasty flesh and in Spain are commonly strung by hand and hung to dry. The tomatoes can then last for long periods and are actually used all year round, usually after the more common tomatoes have finished their season and have been used up. I want to put a call out to our listeners and readers to ask whether someone is growing Ramallet tomatoes here in Australia? If you are or know someone who is, please post the details or let us know on the next show with Jodi on Wednesday 19th November. It would be interesting to know and maybe we could do some seed sharing!!

On the topic of bringing diversity to your garden, we spoke last month about insect hotels and I shared on the blog a few images for those, like me, who had not seen them before. After chatting with Jodi off air this week I discovered that Jodi actually makes these creative insect habitats herself so feel free to contact us during next week’s show for any advice otherwise head to Jodi’s etsy page to see what they’re all about.

If you would like something in particular covered by Jodi, please let us know by posting a comment below. Alternatively, contact us when Jodi is on next (Wednesday 19th November) via text on 0 44 77 77 989 or via twitter using @enviro_pod or #environmentality.

Next week on the show we will be talking environmental policies with candidates for the upcoming State election. Jane Garrett, ALP, current member for Brunswick electorate(lower house) and Collen Hartland, Greens, current member for western metropolitan electorate (upper house).

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