Thursday, December 11, 2014

Environmentality 10 December 2014, Emily Braham, Editor at Sanctuary Magazine

Issue 29 - Summer Issue
It’s mid-December and summer hasn’t quite hit us here in Melbourne yet which is becoming a bit of trend in recent years. Over the last few years, the summer season has been making up for lost time by extending into the months of March, April and even May as well as producing more heatwave events during this period. This is a somewhat worrying trend that, according to the CSIRO and BoM, will continue on its path of increased frequency and intensity heatwaves. Never fear, despite some of us being ignorant and/or arrogant towards our own impact on the environment (no names mentioned here), us humans are an adaptive bunch and we come up with clever solutions to complex problems. The current summer issue of Sanctuary Magazine presents some of these clever solutions that aim to tackle some of the current and future issues associated with how we live in a changing climate including how to use your roof to keep cool.

Cool Roof -
This week on the show we had a good chat with Emily Braham, the editor of Sanctuary Magazine about some of the latest innovations, ideas and examples of green living, architecture and design. It is always difficult to cover a magazine on our show as it is impossible to go through all the content, however we do our best with the time and this week was no different. During our conversation we covered articles on designing your home for a future of climate change and heatwaves, growing a native garden, two house’s that demonstrate sustainable design and the benefits they bring as well as touching on Indigenous Architecture, an approach to design that incorporates 60,000 years of knowledge and learning.  If you missed the show, please check out the podcast to catch up. To see exactly what we are talking about, you should head to the Sanctuary Magazine's website where you can have a read of the articles or subscribe to receive the quarterly issues right to your front door.

Colour me house -
Next week on the show we have our monthly My Everyday Garden show with resident gardening expert Jodi Jackson.

Music tracks this week were all guest selections (thanks Emily):
We Float by PJ Harvey
Skeletons by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Skin of the Night by M83
Pass in Time by Beth Orton

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