Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Environmentality 3 December 2014, Sarah Day, Founder of Eco-shout

As listeners of Environmentality I’m sure you are aware of at least some of the environmental issues we face as inhabitants on this planet. Now, knowing what you know, I put this ultimatum to you (Disclaimer: Part of this comes from the Eco-Shout website)… You can either:

1. Find out how to change the world, how to get the skills, how to get work and how to get active AND THEN DO IT!


2. Give up, embrace escapism and cultivate denial.

That’s it, they are your options. What do you choose?

It just so happens that this week, we spoke to Sarah Day, the founder of Eco-shout, an organisation helping people to get active in the environmental and social justice movement. Eco-shout proclaims to be a catalyst to action for environmental and social justice and after speaking to Sarah and seeing the resource that is the Eco-shout website, I would have to agree.

Eco-shout has a number of initiatives currently operating out of their website which includes a Sharehousing network for those looking to live with other people who are environmentally/sustainability minded, an events calendar showing upcoming events to get involved with, a jobs network you can use to find environmental/ethical jobs and an active groups directory where you can search the database by category to find groups that might suit your interests or passion.

I recently read one of those ‘how to be happy’ articles one of the (many) steps to happiness was to identify one cause, the one you feel most passionate about and dedicate yourself to helping that cause. So go on, what are you waiting for? Happiness awaits!

To find out more about Sarah Day and Eco-shout, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

Some links you may find useful:
The TV series Years of Living Dangerously now showing on SBS got a brief mention this week and you can watch via ‘SBS on demand’ or Tuesday nights 9:30pm.

Victorian Election Results – This week on the show we had a brief impromptu discussion around the election results. Check out the link to catch up on all the latest results which include the Australian Greens winning their first ever seat in the lower house of state parliament.

On next week’s show we will be chatting to Emily Braham, Editor of Sanctuary Magazine about the Spring Issue.

The music tracks for this week were all guest selections, thanks Sarah!
Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd
Monsters by Something for Kate
This World by Katchafire
Qwest by Combat Wombat

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