Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Environmentality 15 December

On this day we were lucky to speak to Michael Chew, a very interesting man who works for the Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL), with which our listeners should be familiar already, as we have had them on the show before.

Michael spoke about MEFL and in particular about the fantastic project that he leads, called Zero Carbon Moreland. A bit more info about the project can be found here.

Here are some details of MEFL's drop in sustainability advice service, which Michael talked about as well:

Moreland Energy Foundation,

Level 1, 233 Sydney Rd,Brunswick (open 9am-5pm on weekdays)

We traditionally invite our guests to make a track selection. Since we found it hard to find Michael's selection, we decided to put a link on this article so that you decide on the song out for yourselves. It is called affluenza, and here’s the group which put it together. Michael thought it fitted well with the Christmas consumption time of year.

Michael is a bit of a polymath. Not only does he have three different university degrees, but he also co-founded an NGO called Friends of Kolkata.

So as you can see, another quality guest by courtesy of Environmentality. Why don't you check out the show?

Listen to the show!

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