Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Environmentality - late December, January and February

Dear Environmentality listeners,

s you may have noticed, we have been extremely slack about uploading our shows and writing our weekly articles, you can blame it on the little beast shown below (Marisa).

We have now uploaded all our shows since late December, and here are the direct links to the podcasts with a little description:

- Environmentality 22 December: we spoke to Daan Van Dorenmalen about the Tower Hill Demonstration Centre in Swan Hill.

- Environmentality 12 January: we had a chat with Sasha Stargot, Media Manager at the Alternative Technology Association.

- Environmentality 19 January: we interviewed Robin Landvogt, Education Officer at the Violet Town Eco Living Centre

- Environmentality 2 February: Neil Blake, director of the Port Phillip EcoCentre, came to the studio to have a chat to us.

- Environmentality 16 February: we interviewed Alison, Sasha, Nica and Trevor, students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the US who are doing an internship at Banksia Gardens Community Centre.

- Environmentality 23 February: No podcast, as we had no guest on that day. We spoke mainly about Nuclear Energy and Companion Planting.

See you next week!

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