Thursday, March 10, 2011

Environmentality 9 March

Dear Environmentality listeners,

This week we commenced a series of conversations with our state politicians in which we would like to cover a few environmental topics that are currently on the political agenda. We started with Greg Barber MLC (photo below), who is one of the elected Greens in the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament and who holds the Environment Portfolio.

In our usual conversational, non-confrontational style when it comes to politicians, we discussed a whole range of topics ranging from the need for a price on carbon to Alpine Grazing or smart meters. We found Greg to be a good sport and very knowledgeable on all these topics.

Hopefully we will be able to continue this round of interviews with representatives from both the Liberal and Labor Parties.

On the music front, you may notice a bit of a theme relating to trucks, as Smokey wanted to celebrate his recent success with the Heavy Vehicle License.

And you got to hear:

Container Drivers by The Fall
The hours and the times by 18 Wheeler
The Pretty Place by Paul Kelly
Thursday Morning by Hannah & the public display of rhythm
Wake up, Boo! by Boo Radleys

Listen to the show!

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