Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Environmentality 23 March 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners,

On this show we celebrated 12 months of Environmentality, which went on air for the first time on the 24th of March 2010. During the year we managed to present 47 shows with different levels of success :).

As it tends to happen with such celebrations, it was an opportunity for a bit of self complacency and we had the opportunity to reflect on our achievements for the last twelve months. We all agreed that the show really started to get interesting as soon as we invited guests to be interviewed on the show.

Looking back through our blog you can see we have interviewed a wide range of guests operating in the community, political and commercial sectors including the Alternative Technology Association, Moreland Energy Foundation or CERES. On this show we thanked these guests for contributing to our ongoing discussion of environmental issues.

After this we proceeded to thank the people who have helped put the show on air during the year: Graham (Smokey) Dawson, Josh, Mathew and Alicia who has done a brilliant job at arranging our guest speakers and researching the different organisations and topics. Peter has been a fantastic addition to our team and we hope he stays with us for a long time.

One of the highlights of our anniversary show was an unexpected visit from one of our original presenters, Steven Hiley, who filled us in on his continuing work on community and environmental issues including his work with the Urban Bush Carpenters, who have been nominated for a Earth Hour Peoples Choice award. You can vote for them at Earth Hour.

After we acknowledged the support of North West 98.9 FM, Sustainability Victoria and Banksia Gardens Community Centre, Peter informed us of a workshop organised by Hume City Council on Smart Meters that will take place on Monday April 11, 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Hume Global Learning Centre. To register for this workshop and to find out about other workshops in the series go to the Hume Council website.

Smokey's efforts in selecting the music for our listeners and his commitment to Australian music were also acknowledged, and we got to hear:
  1. Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder.
  2. Pure by Lightening Seeds.
  3. Beneath the Satellites by British India.
  4. Tram Inspector by The Bedroom Philosopher.
  5. The World Behind The World by Dirt Band.
  6. Your Mind and We Belong Together by Love.
On this our first birthday thank you to everyone who has assisted us in having a successful first 12 months on Environmentality 98.9 FM.

Jaime de Loma-Osorio
Banksia Gardens Community Centre.

Listen to the show!

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