Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Environmentality, 12 October 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners,

Last weekend it was World Food Day so our Research Coordinator Alicia decided to dedicate the show to food, which Smokey and I did not mind at all!

To start we had a very interesting chat to Arabella Forge. Arabella is a blogger, cooking teacher, published writer and, most of all, a passionate Frugavore. Haven't you heard this word before? Don't worry, we hadn't before either!

So Arabella explained that being a frugavore is about utilising the best quality foods, but wasting nothing as you go. This means that money can be saved on groceries – not by buying cheaper produce, but by using better quality, local produce more wisely, and connecting directly to the source of our food and preparing items from scratch. If you are interested in finding out more about the Frugavore Lifestyle, you can visit Arabella's website.

The interview with Arabella finished with a couple of recipes from her cookbook that she kindly shared with us. The recipes were fantastic but Smokey and I spent the rest of the show very hungry!

After this we had a chat to Zoe Whyatt, National Manager of SecondBite, an NGO that is committed to making a positive difference to people by identifying sources of nutritious surplus fresh food and produce that might otherwise go to waste and facilitating its safe and timely distribution to agencies and people in need.

SecondBite logo

Zoe explained how SecondBite worked and we were amazed to hear how in a few years it has grown from a small operation to an organisation that will move 1 million kilograms of food this year! While this is fantastic and it shows what a fantastic organisation they are, it also points out to a huge need for emergency relief in Australia, which is a worrying notion given that we are one of the richest nations in the World!

The music selection was Smokey through and through, although he did include a couple of modern tracks. You got to hear:

No one wants a lover by Josh Pyke
The sum of it all by The Herd
Born Alive by Wilco
Nowhere fast by the Smiths
When I first met your Ma by Paul Kelly

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