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Environmentality, 19 October 2011

Dear Environmentality listeners,

Summer is just around the corner and the recent warm barmy nights have made this weeks guests very timely indeed.  Sieta Whitehead, CERES facility Manager, has some great upcoming  events to kick off your summer activities. And if that's not enough this weeks 'mystery guest' presents listeners with a great oppotunity to get on their bikes and ride off  into the sunset.

With the completion of stage 3 in sustainable buildings at CERES the Van Raay Centre is just one of the great venues that can be hired and enjoyed. We were lucky enough to have Sieta Whitehead on the phone this week to inform our listeners of all the fantastic facilities CERES has to offer.

Image courtesy of CERES official website.

From small group meetings, fully catered functions and even weddings. Ceres could be just the space you were looking for. For more information check out the great interview with Sieta on our podcast or follow this link to the CERES website. While your there check out all the upcoming Festivals and Events. This month its the Rainbow Urban Gathering and the Sacred Kingfisher Festival. Kicking things off on Friday 21st October, is an out door film night. Featured film 'Play again'.

 Image courtesy of 'Play Again' official website.

Some exciting new development are also happening at the Banksia Gardens Community Centre. Stephen Hiley is no stranger to the show and has joined forces with Banksia Gardens and the Healthy Hume project to initiate the Broadmeadows Bicycle hub. The purpose built facility will encourage transportation alternatives whilst recycling  and reusing old bicycles. Steven is hoping to recruit 5 or 6 volunteers who will be trained and supported by the CERES Bike Shed staff. So lets get those wheels of interest turning! Anyone is welcome to attend the information night at Banksia Gardens on the 9th November 6:30 till 8pm, food and drink provided. What a great chance to support the community. 

We ended the show with some thought provoking analogies involving a boiling pot of soup and the predictability of  climate change. And Jaime referenced an intriguing video about Quantum Locking but not before wishing Andrew Raphael a big  Happy birthday form the Environmentality team.

Please feel free to comment on any of the topics in this weeks show. We love to hear form our listeners.

Check out the podcast and enjoy. 

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