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Environmentality, 26 October 2011

Dear Environmentatlity listeners,

Walking through the shops the other day I had the sneaking suspicion something was about to change. Thats right listeners, the change of Christmas is upon us! During the festive season consumerism has a reputation for going into over drive and for many people christmas becomes a stressful  time of year. But never fear, Enviromentality is here!  With the help of our guests this week we will change you from a Christmas Consumer into a Conscious Consumer. Ease your festive fears with some some great tools to inform your purchasing and support your sustainable practices. 

Our first guest was Nick Ray from the Ethical Consumer Group. Not only do they provide a handy Ethical Consumer Book  (2012 issue due out in a few weeks) but they have also just released a shop ethical iphone app. Nick then introduced a new initiative kicking off in February at the Sustainable Living Festival.  The new project aims to provide outside options to industrial produce that can be search by simply entering your postcode. Hopefully we will get Nick back on the show closer to its release. In the meantime head to the web site

Get the App!
Great gift ideas for the conscious consumer...

Get the Book!


Our second guest, Dominic Eales also aims to support consumer based desicions. The ATA - Alternative Technology Association has introduced a fantastic online tool that 'calculates what size rainwater tank best suits your needs'. The Tankulator is free and offers independent, expert advice. A rain water tank could very well be the perfect Christmas gift... Dominic went on to mention the involvment the ATA have had in developing wind technology and solar energy through council projects. To find out the conclusions to a 13 month trial of a wind tower with the Brimbank City Council, head to our podcast and listen to the show.

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