Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wednesday 30th November 2011

When Jaime's away, the Smokey will play!

No guests, no main man, so I've got a nicely self-indulgent music selection going (Jenny Odoline is the whole marvellous 18 minute album version)

I try to do a bit of environmentality stuff, even my ideas on what the word means. Hint: it's a state-of-being, an unconcious aversion to waste & mindless consumption; it's cycling to get somewhere, not cycling on a machine at the gym watching Channel Seven with the sound loud enough to annoy, but not to hear)

I'm playing:
Sunny sundae smile / My Bloody Valentine
How soon is now / The Smiths
When you sleep / The Field Mice
Jenny Odoline / Stereolab
Is there anyone out there for me? / Mighty Mighty
Karen / The Go Betweens
Baby honey / The Pastels

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