Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Environmentality, 09 November 2011

Dear Environmentality Listeners,

We have returned with a scientific bang! This week we were joined by Roger Jones, Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies, Victoria University. One of Rodgers aims is to bring Science and Policy together. As the senate passed the Carbon Tax this week such a relationship can be seen to be of great importance.

Roger Jones has a background in Earth Science, Environmental Science, Indigenous Nurseries and completed his PhD in the History of Crater Lakes. It is from this foundation that Roger works towards and greatly informs his approach in the adaptation to Climate Change. Social justice and environmental security are just a few of the morals and ethics woven through this weeks show. Along with estimations and conversions from Roger that will help our listeners to better visualize the potential real world effects in the reduction of carbon emissions.

Image courtesy of Independent Media Centre Australia

Climate policy is highlighted as an important step in tackling Climate Change. As is the efforts of the individual. Roger is quick to point out that the actions of an individual can provide global benefits. And it is with this that we end another great show.

Environmentality has another way for the individual to take action...Simply tune in to the show each week and listen out for our Listeners Challenge! This weeks prize consists of Enviroshop vouchers AND movie tickets. First listener to leave the correct answer as instructed by Jaime WINS!

So come on Environmentality Listeners take action!

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