Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Environmentality Listeners,

We bounce down this week with Darren Cook from the North Melbourne Football Club. In partnership with The Huddle, The Squeaky Wheel, Victoria Police, City of Melbourne, and the University of Melbourne, My Bike Project aims at raising awareness and education to culturally and linguistically diverse young people in Melbourne’s inner-north. To find out exactly whats involved and how to register in the future tune into the podcast. Darren would love it if our listeners could also check out their facebook page . Comments and suggestions are welcome. And for all our footy fan followers, Jaime also asked Darren the all important question 'What are your tips' for next season?

Eve Archibald, the Nursery Manager at CERES Community Environment Park also provided some cracking tips for the garden. Sales in the nursery have been dominated by vegetable seedlings of late as people begin to embrace the up coming summer months. Jaime took this opportunity to ask Eve about non-toxic, safe alternatives to control snails in your garden. All we will say is that it involves shouting your snails a round of 'Beer'! Eve then went on to clearly describe just what Permaculture is and great ideas to better integrate strategies into your lifestyle. Head to the podcast for all the details.

And don't forget to check out all the up coming workshops and events at CERES over the summer.
What are your best eco-friendly Snail Slaying methods?
Leave your suggestions in our comments.

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