Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Environmentality, 15 February 2012

Dear Environmentality listeners,

We could use Smokey's baby as an excuse, but we would be lying. We have had a few rough weeks that include a week without show and another week where Smokey had a very intimate show with his partner Kath. More importantly, we have been struggling with our Podcasts and Articles, which is a shame knowing that the number of downloads keeps growing...

Janet Rice

In any case as is normally the case we are bouncing back, and I can think of few better ways to bounce back than with this ripper of a show! This week we had a very interesting chat with Janet Rice about Public Transport. Janet is a Senior Transport Planner at Hume City Council and has been working on the recently approved Hume Integrated Land Use and Transport Strategy (HILATS).

It's an exciting document - well, maybe not so much an exciting document but it is very exciting that Hume has such a strategy :). What will this document bring about? According to Janet it seems clear that walking and cycling in Hume will become more pleasant and hopefully more widespread practices, and that public transport will improve as a result. To find out more, you can hear Janet explain it much more eloquently, just download the show!

After Janet we connected with one of our friends from the Alternative Technology Association, Sasha Shtargot. Sasha gave us a taste of the latest issue
 of Sanctuary, an impressive magazine featuring modern Green Homes. In our discussion with Sasha, he told us about a couple of impressive dwellings, including an award winning net zero energy New Zealand house and a 9-star house closer to us, in Preston.

Image courtesy of ATA

So all in all, it was another fun and informative show. Why don't you download it?

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