Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Environmentality, 13 March 2013

Kate Lawrence from Green Renters visited the show again to chat about what we can do around the home to be green. Green Renters is a non-for-profit organisation that who works with renters to help them live more sustainably within the limitations of being a renter.

Courtesy of Green Renters

What is the main barrier of living green in rental homes? Kate has found that a lot of owners are very interest in what they can do, however the problem of shortage of renter properties means that there are no real financial incentives for the landlords to put in green incentives. In light of these barriers, Kate focuses on changing our behaviour and participating in local initiatives.   

Kate’s Top 5 tips:
1. Turning off energy when not in use as standby power can still use up to 20% of power. Kate’s recommendation: turning off the power at the power point.    
2. Draft proofing and insulation:  blinds on outside of windows or coating and door snakes
3. Hot water issues: check water leaks, washing clothes in hot water, setting hot water to reasonable temperature and insulate pipe. 
4. Think about the composition of your household, what kind of standards do you have, what are your deal breakers, ways to negotiate things and what things will make it easier to be green?
5. Get involved with people who are doing similar things and meet likeminded people

Following all top 5 tips can save 20-30% of energy use in homes!

To hear Smokey’s editorial on Melbourne’s unprecedented weather and to listen to more of Kate’s tips, tune into the podcast. 

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