Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Environmentality, 6 March 2013

Kevin Mahon, land-management officer at the Hume City Council dropped by today to chat about the war against weeds and pest.

A competitor of native grasses, the serrated tussock is of most concern due to its miss-identification with native grasses. The serrated tussock pushed out native grasses from areas; grazing animals eat native grasses, helping the serrated tussock grow. Nothing else will grow in areas covered in serrated tussocks.  What can we do? Kevin’s first tip is to start learning about it! Chemicals can be very effective; however people tend to use the wrong chemicals which will worsen the situation.
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What is one of the most concerning pest in Hume? Rabbits! What’s the magnitude of the problem? It’s big. Kevin recommends first counting the rabbits over a couple of nights if you do find any on your property. Then seeking further advice about what can be done. Short term program such as baiting can be effective. A long term solution is fencing. Kevin advises a combination of strategies and to stay away from trapping and shooting.

Can you harvest rabbits? Yes! But we need to be careful about commercial harvest due to legalisation that prevents the spread of rabbits.

To find out more about foxes, frogs, feral cats, blackberries and garden species: listen to our podcast!

For more information and resources about pest and weeds, see the Hume City Council’s website

Tune into the Podcast!

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