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Environmentality, 20 March 2013

Today Smokey and Ahmed spoke to Christina from Landcare Australia and our resident gardener, Jodie

Christina came in today to let us know about the Live Grow Explore Community Day at the Woodlands National Park on Sunday the 24th March. A free event open to the whole community, it is to celebrate the start of a 3 year revegetation project Jemma is undertaking along the Moonee Ponds Creek. You’ll be sure to have a great day with activates such as face painting, petting live reptiles, BQQ by the Glenroy Lions Club, nature walk, bike tour, planting native grass revegetation, painting a mural using natural materials and live music by local band Cold Snap.   

Click here to learn more about the Woodlands Historical Park 

Autumn is the ideal time for planting new plants. With good moisture in the soil, you’re more likely to have better luck planting in this season, particular with evergreen plants like citrus and natives. It is the perfect time to be planting autumn or winter crops such as amaranth, beetroot, broccoli, carrot and cabbage.      
Amaranth, courtesy of  
Thinking about what to feed your citrus? Jodie recommends natural alternatives such as chook manure, blood and bones, compost, pot ash, mulch or wood ash.  Citrus are prone to scale (black and brown dots). So if you see ants roaming up and down the plant, it is likely that you have scale as the ants like to feed off the sugary sap.

Do you have Gall wasp? August is when the wasp hatch so the best time to get rid of them is before then. If you see holes in the gall, then the wasp are already gone. To get rid of the wasp, cut 5-10 cm from the gall and put it into the fire or in a plastic bag in the sun.    

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Why should we prune? Just like a haircut, pruning will prepare the tree for new spring growth so that more energy is used to make new leaves and fruit or flowers. When pruning good airflow is needed, so look for crisscrossing branches.  Pruning can be put into 2 categories: winter pruners and late summer autumn pruning. Stone fruit pruning needs to be done in warmer weather after taking the fruit to prevent the plant from getting sick. For deciduous fruits trees, wait until it losses all of leaves. Prune 1/3 of the previous year’s growth.

Upcoming events this weekend:
Edible suburban gardens
The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (Wednesday 20th – Sunday 24th at the Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne)
Earth Hour

To learn more about the Lemon Tree Project, click here 

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